Saturday, 27 June 2009

ReelHeART Film Festival: The Daring Seniors of "Courthouse Girls of Farmland"

This sweet-looking woman handing out taffy at the ReelHeART Opening Party is the notorius Wanda Grove from Farmland, Indiana. Wanda and six of her bridge club friends posed for a calendar that got some people in and around the small town a bit hot under the collar. While some applauded their move to pose for the calendar to aid in the preservation of an historic courthouse, others saw it as exploitation of seniors and/or immoral. I'm on the side that saw their actions as empowering and community-minded. What great role models for me to follow when I reach my senior years. Go Girls!

The "girls" were a ReelHeART hit, earning a special Spirit award from Festival organizers and adoration from everyone who encountered them and saw their documentary, Courthouse Girls of Farmland. It's been reported that the girls had to be coralled by their handlers to leave a party at midnight. The girls left, but reluctantly.

Partners in life and in film: Producer, Jerome Herron (left) and Producer, Larry Francer (right). Jerome's mother, Eileen Herron is a calendar girl.

Photos by donna g

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