Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Worldwide Short Film Festival 09: Oh! CANADA

Amidst the sections of Celebrity Shorts, Award Winners from Around the World, Slap 'n' Tickle and Midnight Mania (to name a few) at the CFC WORLDWIDE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (WWSFF), there are a couple of short film programs that I wanted listeners to know about. I had a chance to touch on some of these sections with festival director, Eileen Arandiga. Below are some of the Canadian shorts we either discussed or that were highlights for me.

Oh! Canada: CANADIAN COMEDY SHORTS is a program I never miss seeing. There is something about what we choose to laugh about that always interests me. I think it's the fact that we know how to laugh at ourselves.

What can be more Canadian than curling? "Burnt rock", and "hurry hard" are terms I picked up from MEN WITH BROOMS, but hearing these terms during DEADSPIEL's zombie vs. human curling match just made me want to reach for the Tim Hortens. The attitudes were still just so Canadian! .

The quintessential Canadian short, AIR KNOB. Unlike the air guitar that my friends and I have played this neighbour-on-neighbour air guitar battle has the combatants actually playing accurate "air" notes. Who will be the victor in this war of musicianship, male sexual prowess and romance?

Whether he's in your own family or a friend of a friend, we all know a Yahoo (no not the email address, the guy that just can't be explained, but who we put up with). Despite his better judgement, a man leaves his yahoo of a tenant in charge of his cat (hence the title THE CATSITTER) while he goes to meet his Internet girlfriend for the first time. No offense to Timmins, but I'm laughing as I write this because they got the girlfriend so right! From her clothes, to what they are eating on that first date, to where they are eating are all so RIGHT! And that's
just a bit of the film. Warning: drinking hot beverages while viewing this movie could cause burns in embarrassing places.

Click here for the complete Oh! Canada line up.

Screening Info: Saturday, June 20th, 7:15 PM at the ROM

Tickets/Info: www.shorterisbetter.com

Photo Credit: www.shorterisbetter.com

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