Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Right "Formula" for Pride Weekend

Looking for something to do Pride Weekend? Go see THE BABY FORMULA on JUNE 19th. Bring all of your LGBTTQ friends and allies with you. Stars Angela Vint and Megan Fahlenbock have such great chemistry and the documentary style of the films makes you really believe they are a couple.

If you like such Canadian shows such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report or the British version of The Office, you are bound to enjoy the mock documentary style of this film. There is a scene in the film where the characters have told the filmmakers to turn the camera off, but the director motions to the crew to run and follow the women--it's hilarious!

The plot is outrageously funny, but will be close to home for a lot of people. The film deals with the issue of what lengths people will go to in order to satisfy the primal human instinct to have a baby. Characters Athena (Angela Vint) and Lillith (Megan Fahlenbock) are a couple who decide to undergo a hush, hush, experiment in order to have a child. When they break the news to their respective family that there is no biological father, there is confusion, moralizing and more hilarity from Athena's conservative mother (Rosemary Dunsmore) yahoo brother Larry (Dmitry Chepovetsky)and the drink-swilling Scottish great-grandmother-to-be (Jessica Booker). Lillith's parents are a trip in themselves, but you'll have to go see it to find out why and what else happens in this film.

The first weekend is crucial for Canadian films. If the film doesn't make money on it's opening weekend, the theatre calls the producers Sunday morning to tell them that their film is being pulled. Alison Reid and her amazing cast has done a fantastic job with this comedy and I would hate for her to get that call on Sunday.

So mark your calendars and head to the AMC (Yonge/Dundas) with a row full of friends. Be prepared for people to snort with LAUGHTER. I especially liked the ultra-sound scene. Insider Triva: During that scene the actress had to avoid looking at the 3-D monitor because she and her husband did not want to know the sex of the baby they were having. It took most of the day to set up and shoot the scene, so it was a long day for her.

THE BABY FORMULA cast(left to right): Rosemary Dunsmore, Megan Fahlenbock w/child, and Angela Vint

Shout Out! to The First Weekend Club for getting the word out about Canadian films, and to it's intimate sneak peak screening series, Canada Screens. Kelsey and Mars, you rock! Thanks for the giveaways. My listeners had a great time at the screening--as did I.

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