Monday, 22 June 2009

ReelHeART International Film Festival: June 22 - June 27

Sistah Lois and actor, Jason G. Butler, a cast member of THE NOTORIUS NEWMAN BROTHERS

Had a wonderful time at the ReelHeART International Film Festival launch tonight at Southern Accent Restaurant. Met some very excited filmmakers and interesting non-filmmakers (but film lovers). The combined flavours of the "Indie" spirit, flowing Denison's beer, and amazing food made for a very relaxed comfortable and fun evening. The hostess with the most-ess, Shannon Kelly kept the evenings events rolling along smoothly.
I couldn't tell you the last time I went to a festival event that didn't have sinkholes of boredom scattered throughout the evening. Unlike some opening parties I've been to that look fabulous on television or in "on the town" photo ops in the papers, ReelHeART had, dare I say it? Yeah, I will. It had HEART. No one was stuck up, you could actually engage someone in conversation who wasn't looking for someone "bigger" than you to talk to. It was like a real party is supposed to be: FUN!

For more information about 5th annual ReelHeART International Film Festival please visit:

Here are a few pictures of my stupendous evening:

Irish director, Louis McCullagh of CALL ME SON

Swiss director, Mikael Ivan Roost of L'OMBRE DE DEU (SHADOW OF A FIRE)

Canadian directors, Waleed Abdulhamid of LET'S FIND A WAY and Mark Magro of THE STORY OF UXBRIDGE STATION and NONQUON ISLAND

He's a twisted puppy. Director, Cosmos Kiindarius of FAMILY RECIPES.

Sistah Lois aka Afrikan Princess, a cast member of the Lunch n Lean script reading of UPSIDE BROWN

The calendar "girls" of COURTHOUSE GIRLS OF FARMLAND

Jerome Herron, producer of COURTHOUSE GIRLS

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